Results of Enid’s Walk and run event on 9 August 2012

Enid’s walk and run – all the winners

A Trattoria staff member from St Francis Bay, came third in Enid Preotrius Walk or Run event to the Cape St Francis lighthouse and back yesterday.

Third place went to Sipho Matiwane of Trattoria, St Francis Bay

Sipho Matiwane was delighted to be placed third in the Men’s 23km run. His fellow Trattoria co-workers, Luzok ‘Ru’ Masabalala and Laurence Matiwane, also ran in the event.

1st Place was taken by an SAPS Colonel, Deon Zeelie, from Mount Road PE, while second place went to Dawid Ferreira from PE.

1st place went to Colonel Deon Seelie from Mount Road SAP, Port Elizabeth

2nd Place in Men’s event: Dawid Ferriera of Port Elizabeth

The  Ladies’ run of 23kms was won by Lindi Meyer, chairman of J-Bay Athletics Club, came first. Second place went to Katrien van Heerden of J-Bay and 3rd was Vanessa Lessing from PE.

Lindi Meyer, chairman of J-Bay Athletics Club, was the first lady home in the 23 kms event. Lindi Meyer, 2nd was Katrien van Heerden of J-Bay and 3rd wasVanessa Lessing from PE.                                                                                         Lindi is seen here with Enid Pretorius at prize giving.

According to organiser, Esti  Stewart, the route was changed on Wedensday after an inspection revealed a 15m mud pool on the Mostertshoek Road. The original route would have gone all the way to from Enid’s office, Shark Point, Cape St Francis Lighthouse, Mostertshoek, up to the Links, through the St Francis Golf course and back.

“On Thursday morning, after the 12 hour rain we had, we had to cut the walk into Mostertshoek short, resulting in a 20km walk (not the original 26).  People also had the option to stop at the lighthouse, and 25 opted to do that.”

A total of 106 people participated in the event, of which 30 were runners, most from out of town.  A group of 4 even flew down from Johannesburg for the event and stayed over at their newly built house on the St Francis Links golf estate. Others stayed at guest houses.

Enid added lots of value to participants’ stay with goodiy bags and lucky draws.

“Thanks are due to all the sponsors that made this successful event possible,” Esti adds..

More photos  of Trattoria staff:

Sipho Matiwane, Luzok Ru Masabalala and Laurence Matiwwane ffrom Trattoria restaurant, St Francis Bay.

Sipho Matiwane and Luzok ‘Ru’ Masabalala from Trattoria restaurant , St Francis Bay

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