Women party big time on 9 August

The canals came alive with Greek music after a period of silence, when Big Time Taverna hosted a special Women’s Day celebration for at least 120 women today.

Dancing ladies

The place was packed when all the smartly dressed ladies   – most who had left hubbies or partners at home – finally seated themselves.  Drinks were ordered and the taverna resonated with the sounds of women chatting up a storm until the muso started playing. Then ladies started dancing  to the great rhythms.

There were special discounts on food and the ladies tucked in heartily to great meals. Halfway through the afternoon there was a whole series of lucky draws and great  prizes from  local businesses  – ranging from beauty and food vouchers to adverts. There was much whistling and clapping when lucky winners walked up  to fetch their prizes.  It was a fun-filled afternoon from 12 – 5  pm

Part of the proceeds from the ticket sales are going to Nomvula’s Knitwear.

Here are more photos from the event:

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