Gale force winds, rough seas, +6m wave heights from 10-11 August 2012

The NSRI National office has released the following weather alert and warning that has been broadcast by SA Weather Services:

*   Warning: Gale force W/NWesterly winds (35kt or 65km/h) are expected south of Lamberts Bay Friday, 10 August, overnight into Saturday, 11 August, reaching strong gale force of 40-

*   Warning: Very rough seas, wave heights between 4 to 6m are expected between Alexander Bay and Plettenberg Bay Friday overnight into Saturday, reaching high seas 6 to 9m between Cape Columbine and Plettenberg Bay on Saturday into Sunday.

NSRI are urging fishermen, boaters, paddlers, surfers, anglers, bathers and public living along the coast, along the West Coast, Western Cape and Southern Cape, from Cape Columbine to Plettenberg Bay, to be aware of the Weather SA alert and to exercise the necessary precautions.

Gale Force winds and rough sea conditions can be expected to prevail from Friday and into Sunday between Cape Columbine and Plettenberg Bay.

Anyone launching any kind of craft onto water should let a responsible person know what time they are leaving, their exact route and their estimated return time. They should stick to their plans and have an emergency action plan in place with a responsible person if they fail to return as scheduled.

They should carry the following safety equipment, have it readily at hand and know how to use the safety equipment: red distress flares, a referee whistle, a signaling mirror or CD disc (to signal a searching helicopter using the sun), communications devices with batteries fully charged and kept in water tight sleeves, waterproof torch, correctly fitting life-jackets worn at all times while on water and in a craft. Also the correct clothing should be worn for the expected conditions.

People launching a craft should also have the correct Sea Rescue Emergency phone numbers pre-programmed into their phones. These numbers can be found at:

They must also key in the Government Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS) phone number 10177 into their phones.

Eastern Cape Weather forecast:

For the Eastern Cape the weather predictions by the SA National Weather Service are :

Very rough seas, Very cold, Snowfall, and gale force winds.


* Gale force south-westerly winds are expected east of Port Alfred tonight.


* Gale force westerly to north-westerly winds are expected through the Eastern Cape province as a whole on Saturday (34-50 knots).

* Very cold conditions are expected over the interior of the Eastern Cape on Sunday.

* Very rough seas with wave height in excess of 4m  and up to 9m are expected along the entire coastline Saturday.

* Very cold, wet and windy conditions are expected over the high grounds of the Eastern Cape on Sunday.

*  Snowfalls are expected over the high grounds of the Eastern Cape on Sunday.

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