Sand River Bridge very precarious 5.45 pm 1 August 2012 – photos

The Sand River Bridge was looking most precarious at 5.45 pm today, 1 August.

Water level has risen considerably during the day today and is damming up above the inflow pipes on the L:inks’ side of the bridge. The water is also forming a whirlpool and a grunge is being collected.

A huge amount of water is flowing down at a very fast rate but it is unable to escape swiftly through the big pipes under the bridge as at least two appear to be blocked. This can be seen from the outflow of water on the Kromme River side. On the Links side the river is damming up against the wall as these photos show and its height has risen above the inflow pipes .

The river is forming a whirlpool and a lot of grunge is being collected again. In addition the bank on the Humansdorp side of the bridge if facing the Links is breaking up and chunks of sand are falling into the river.

This bank on the right is breaking up from the strong flow of water that is forming a whirlpool above the inflow pipes on the Links’ side of the bridge.

Present at the bridge was Nigel Aitken from the St Francis Bay Residents Association, who pointed out the above issues at the bridge. He said he was in touch with Penny Farthing the main contactrors that built the bridge for the Provincial Roads Department, in charge of the bridge. The contractors assured him they would be monitoring the bridge tonight.

Aitken indicated the water could well flow over the bridge – particularly if there are heavy rains and if the water flows increase.

Jeff Clause from the Links says all the dams there are intact but a lot of water from higher up is flowing into the Links. “The golf course has been closed for three days!”

Here are more photos:

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