New Guinness World Record attempt of most surfers on same wave in September

This year’s  Guinness World Record for the ‘most surfers riding the same wave’  will attempt to break the record  of 110 surfers .

Most surfers riding the same wave’ event at Surfers Corner, Muizenberg 2009. Photo: Kahuna Promotions

The event at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg on the weekend of 29 & 30 September 2012 will be hosted by  BOS Earthwave Beach Festival. This is the fifth edition of this the festival that aims to illustrates Guinness World Records interest in promoting sustainable lifestyle choices. The event will feature competitive and fun events in the ocean and on the beach alongside exhibitions, demonstrations and talks on environmental issues during two days.

“We’re excited about the 2012 festival and with the support and energy of BOS Ice Tea we are confident that that the record of 110 surfers riding the same wave set at Muizenberg in 2009 can be broken,” says Paul Botha from Kahuna Promotions, organisers of the festival.

“Since 2006, when 73 surfers were recorded on the same wave, the festival has become one of the surfing world’s biggest mass participation events,” Botha says. “This year we’re expecting even more people to participate in and watch events such as Longboard and Grom surfing, SUP and Surfski races, Touch Rugby and Volleyball tournaments along with plenty of activities for kids like the Dig For Gold and Learn to Surf lessons.”

For spectators there are plenty of valuable give-aways, sticker-showers, beach cleanups, raffles and fund-raising for worthy causes while the whole fiesta ends with the after-party-of-the-year featuring a live band and hilarious auction at a popular local venue.

“We’ve always had a strong link to surfing through our relationship with big wave surfer, Twiggy Baker,” says Marié van Niekerk, BOS Marketing Director. “BOS appreciates the spirit of the surfing community coming together in this unique way to create a very memorable experience for young and old and we’re delighted to be ‘on board’.”

Muizenberg, rated one of the top 20 beach towns in the world by National Geographic, is the ideal venue for the BOS Earthwave Beach Festival. It’s considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa and with its pristine 20km fine white beach, gentle rollers and warm water, it’s easy to see why.

Earthwave Brazil, the 2008 record holder, will also be making another attempt to break the current record on Sunday 2 September at Quebra Mar near Sao Paulo. Negotiations are in progress with several other organisations worldwide to stage Earthwave festivals to coincide with the Muizenberg event.

For further info visit The organisers can be contacted at:   kahunasurf at mweb dot co dot za

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