Open letter to Muni about potholes etc

 Dear Mr Fadi

Cc:     Mayor B Koerat ; C lr Ben Rheeder; Laura-Leigh Randall

 Re: Breakdown of St Francis infrastructure

 I have just completed a tour of St Francis Bay including Sea Vista.  The situation after the recent rains has now reached a critical point.

Many residents of Sea Vista once again have flooded houses which could become a health hazard.  The assistance given to this community by the residents of St Francis Bay and Ward Councillor Ben Rheeder in the form of food and blankets was welcomed but much more needs to be done by council to improve their dismal plight.

Enormous potholes are occurring on our roads and in many place there is nowhere for the rainwater to drain away.

We must with immediate effect start planning how we are going to get our roads and infrastructure back to an acceptable level.  This will not take place unless council allocates money and manpower to address these urgent issues.  Senior members of your staff who have visited St Francis Bay in recent days will confirm the severity of our problems.  As repeatedly stated the Residents Association and residents of St Francis Bay are willing to help in any form to assist.

Mr Fadi, please treat this as a matter of urgency and advise by return what can possibly be done.  Time is not on our hands.

Yours truly

N Aitken

Vice Chairman

St Francis Bay Residents Association