Mystery object mistaken for a whale on the beach

A large cylindrical object was found on Jeffreys Bay beach this morning and was from a distance mistaken for a whale. .

Mystery cylindrical object washed up on JBay beach this morning. From a distance it was mistaken for a whale. Photo:  Rieghard Janse van Rensburg , RRAD Photography.

NSRI Jeffreys Bay volunteers were activated following reports of a whale stranded on the beach between the Kabeljous Beach and the Gamtoos River Mouth.

According to Rieghard Janse van Rensburg, NSRI Jeffrey’s Bay station commander, at 9.15 am the volunteer crew were activated after being alerted by St Francis Penguin Rescue about a whale washed up on the beach.

“Our NSRI Jeffrey’s Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded aboard our Discovery rescue quad bike and on arrival on-scene found an unidentified large cylindrical shaped object about 6 metres long and 2 metress in diameter,” says..

“Admittedly, from a distance it did look like a whale,” Rieghard said.

“Maritime authorities, local police and the Municipal Disaster Management have been informed.  They will inspect and identify what the container is.  They will also evaluate what risk it poses and assess how to dispose of the object or recover it.”

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