Latest on Kouga roads and status

Latest on the roads, etc, in Kouga following the heavy rains of the weekend.
 Kouga Flood Update 16 July 2012


  1. 1.      Sand River bridge is now fully open to light and heavy vehicles again. Back to two-lane traffic.
  2. 2.      Apiesdraai on the Aston Bay Road is accessible to bakkies. Smaller vehicles might still struggle so please drive carefully.
  3. 3.      St Francis to Oyster Bay road is now open to all vehicles.
  4. 4.      Humansdorp to Oyster Bay is still closed.
  5. 5.      R330 between Hankey and Weston, on the road towards Humansdorp, is still closed.



More people have been evacuated in Sea Vista (St Francis) and Thornhill since yesterday’s update. The latest number of people being accommodated at the community halls in these areas are still to be confirmed. People from Loerie and Stofwolk (Hankey) have returned to their homes or are staying with family and friends.



The electricity to Tokyo Sexwale, Jeffreys Bay, was restored yesterday evening. A transformer was giving problems on the Saturday but could only be repaired on the Sunday because of the weather conditions.


General clean-up

Many homes are still wet from flooding or still flooded. Municipal officials and workers are in the field assisting those affected.