Sand River Bridge open to traffic again this morning

The Sand River Bridge was opened again at about 4 am this morning by traffic police after water levels subsided slightly and since water was no long flowing across  bridge.

Sand River Bridge at 7.15 am this morning – open again to traffic

Photo shows the height of the water level on the left, extremely close to the top of the road where cars are driving across the bridge.

the brown-beige area on the left foreground of this photos shows all the debris and sand and thick storm water foam that has congergated above the inflow pipes that go under the bridge and that have been blocked and are now hidden from view.

However, just after 7 am this morning the water levels were still extremely high as these photos below show. Plus a whole lot of storm water debris has collected in the area where the inflow pipes are. The pipes are still completely hidden from view because of all the debris.

A release from the Kouga municipality this morning stated that theSandRiverBridgeto St Francis survived the high water levels last night and has been opened to traffic again.  “Motorists are asked to drive with caution and to keep to the middle of the bridge.”

Also it was puzzling why no municipal officials or traffic police were on duty at7 .15 am and cars were crossing – some slowly – but some were not driving slowly enough. Motorists were crossing the bridge at their own risk in spite of the extremely high levels of water on the Links side – or maybe they were unaware how precarious the bridge is (see photos). Municipal officials did arrive after 8 am though.

Observers at the bridge pointed out that another storm or even more heavy rains could easily see the water flowing once again across the bridge.

It is believed in an official inspection will be undertaken later this morning and if necessary, the bridge could be closed again.

Here are more photos: