Local Eco and Visitors Centre to open in August

An Eco Centre with a top notch visitors’ centre is opening in St Francis Bay in August this year.
It will focus on the ocean and marine life.

The centre will be called the GypSEA Sustainable Sea Centre and will be a joint venture between Sustainable Seas Trust (SST), GypSEA Marine Eco Tours and Port St Francis.

According to Samantha Bester from GypSEA Marine Eco Tours who made the announcement recently, the ocean is the essence to all life on earth and is under severe threat by pollution and over exploitation of resources.”It is human nature to only conserve what we understand and that is why a centre offering educational exhibits and presentations to youth is so important, as they are the future managers of our marine resources!”

The centre will offer marine displays to educate and inform tourists and school groups, host international internship programmes and will be the base of underwater eco tours and various water sport activities.