Temporary EC teachers urged to re-apply for positions

The Eastern Cape Education department’s Acting Superintended General, Mthunywa Ngonzo has called for all temporary teachers and educators who were terminated on the 31st of December 2011, and who have not been re-appointed this year (2012), to immediately go to their respective districts for validation and verification for potential appointment.

The teachers are also urged to bring and submit their profiles at these districts.

This was announced in a media release by the Eastern Cape Education Department.

The announcement marks the beginning of the implementation of plans to priorities the provision of teachers in all schools in the province  – a core business of the department.

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  1. Motsilili says:

    Education Eastern Cape: how can they allow temporary educators to teach if they cannot pay them?

  2. N Golide says:

    Its totaly unfair!How can the department say we should apply yet they know we have been valiantly teaching since February after an order was issued from the same department?CORRUPTION!What has happened to the money meant to pay us?We have been crying for more educators in Lusikisiki and Libode districts where we are teaching as many as 150 learners in one class!They dont even want to come and see for themselves.3 schools have been burned down by learners and they seem not to care.

    1. sfchronicle says:

      I understand The notice is for those who are not teaching at all. They are trying to get more teachers. Hope you will get paid soon.

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