Raffik goes cycling by recycling

Raffik Cupido is the first child in St Francis Bay to earn himself a bicycle through recycling.


An emotional moment when Raffik gets on his bicycle for the first time.

The St Francis Bay Rotary Club’s recycling project in Sea Vista is still going strong.  Some, children like Raffik, have been saving their tokens up instead of buying small things, so that they can buy something big.

With the help of his doting father Sam, Raffik saved hard over the past weeks to get 200 points he needed to make his dream come true.

He wobbled away on his bike with his Dad following behind shouting support and instructions to help him ride his bike.

And as he rode off the crowd of recyclers all stopped to give him a cheer and loud applause.

The youth in Sea Vista are hard at work collecting items they can exchange for tokens to buy products at the recycling shop.


Another youngster, Patrick de Lange, earned himself this fishing rod he has been working towards. 

He was also cheered by other young boys in the waiting crowd.  Patrick has been one of the regular recyclers since the project started.

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