New Discovery rescue runner launched in JBay

Discovery has again assisted Sea Rescue to make a meaningful difference on South African waters with the launch of another rescue runner in Jefferey’s Bay.

The new Discovery rescue runner for Jeffreys Bay NSRI was launched last week. Photo: RRAD Photography

The Discovery Rescue Runner launch provided an opportunity for those present to be shown the intricacies that go into a sea rescue, and how critical the equipment is to the volunteers.
Sea Rescue CEO, Ian Wienburg said, “Over the last few years Discovery has played an enormous part in keeping our in-shore waters safe. To convert this into Rands and cents is impossible as how does one put a value on the life of an 11 year old child brought safely to shore on this purpose-made craft.”
Says Discovery’s Jody Foster, “Discovery is proud to have been able to assist the NSRI with the twelve Rescue Runners. We believe that the NSRI share our passion for keeping people healthy and safe, and understanding the true value of a person’s life.”
Jeffrey’s Bay, one of the most famous international surfing destinations in South Africa, will greatly benefit by having this new Discovery Rescue Runner which will play a pivotal role in the types of rescue operations carried out by the volunteers.


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