Drilling for oil at Thyspunt?

Stop Press!!

More drillers have been spotted in St Francis, this time in the vicinity of Oyster Bay and Thyspunt, the proposed site of the second South African nuclear power station. This follows the recent group of drillers near Cape St Francis who said they were doing seismic studies, though most locals were skeptical.

However, a group of top officials were spotted in the St Francis area last week chatting to drillers at several spots between Oyster Bay and Thyspunt. One of the officials told St Francis Chronicle that a black substance came up from the depths and “it looks and smells suspiciously like oil”.

The samples have been sent post haste to laboratories for analysis. “If this does indeed turn out to be oil, one can forget about any nuclear power plan for this area as we will have a major oil industry on our doorstep,” the official,  Avril Foolus, said.