Learn to paddle your own canoe…

Paddling for Beginners:

Wed 28 March: 5.30pm @ Canal Harbour, Grand Comore.

What all aspirant St Francis paddlers have been waiting for: a chance to have a go at paddling. St Francis Paddling Club invites all to try out our surf-skis .. or paddle in a double with one of the experienced paddlers.

You can paddle around the canal harbour area, or try the short (1km) circuit around the canals, or if you find that too easy, there is the 3km, or the 5km, or 10km …. You can wear a wetsuit, but most paddlers use a paddling vest and board shorts, or even a t-shirt is fine.

There will be a big fire, and beers and boerie rolls will be for sale (at below cost).

St Francis Bay is a paddlers’ paradise: safe canals for beginners & bad weather, a river for longer paddles, and the sea for more experienced paddlers.

The ultimate is a “downwind” to JBay in a Westerly gale.