Learn 3 Skills and 3 Steps to clarify and realise your dreams

Three of the most common challenges facing South African adults:

*  Being the best parent in a time of diminishing social support

*  Being an inspiring and innovative manager in a culturally diverse workplace  

*  Maintaining personal momentum under increasing pressure

  Learn about all of this and more at a:

Glenn Douglas Haig (GDH) Coaching and Training workshop

in St Francis Bay in March.

Glenn Douglas Haig will be running a two day seminar and workshop in St Francis Bay in March, The seminar is deisgned tohelp peopel clarify and realise their goals.

Imagine learning world-class InnerLifeSkills® coaching tools to coach yourself, your family or your colleagues and empower them to empower themselves.
In a 2-day seminar you will learn the 3 skills of:
Rapport building, holding Coach Position and asking Powerful Questions.
…and Clear Goal Setting, Finding Solutions and Motivating Actions.
GDH Coaching and Training is hosting this
ICF accredited coaching seminar
From: Friday 30 March to Saturday 31 March 2012
From 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cost: R2450

Early Bird Special!!   Two participants for the price of one!

Venue: 186 St Francis Drive, St Francis Bay
To book your seat, kindly email info@gdh.za.com
or call 021 801 3778

Small changes make a big difference

In January 2007, Glenn-Douglas Haig moved to St Francis Bay after losing his leg in an armed robbery in Johannesburg.

Learn 3 skills and 3 steps to clarify , plan and realise your dreams at a 2-day seminar and workshop in St Francis Bay, hosted by Glenn Douglas Haig.

Two years later, the residents of St Francis teamed up and bought him a new prosthetic leg, which helped him lead an independent life again. That simple act of kindness on the part of this community has resulted in positive life changes for hundreds of South Africans.

The minute Glenn was back on his feet, he dived right back into his life and read for a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Psychology. He then certified as one of only four InnerLifeSkills® Lead Trainers in the world and opened an internationally recognized InnerLifeSkills® coaching school in Cape Town.
Along the way he wrote and published WisdomStones from Africa which has been used in boardrooms, drug rehab centres, psychologist’s rooms and corporate offices throughout the world as an inspirational, self-motivating life-guidance tool.

He has delivered life-changing workshops and inspirational talks to more than 1000 people in the Cape Town area alone and his coaching graduates are out in the real world changing people’s lives one person at a time.

Gelnn says thank you to all the people of St Francis Bay for the change you made in his life. It has rippled out and created more positive, meaningful action than any of you could have dreamed of.

Glenn is also most grateful to be able to return to St Francis Bay and share these powerful life and business tools with St Francis Bay residents at the end of March through the InnerLifeSkills® Coach 101 seminar.

If you’d like to know more about this practical seminar, please email susana@gdh.za.com, or visit: http://www.businesscoachtraining.co.za

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