Kouga Municipality is not being ‘taken over’

Contrary to a rumour and a report published elsewhere Kouga Municpality is not being ‘taken over’.

Instead, St Francis Chronicle has established, a delegation from national and provincial government met with Kouga Municipality for the MISA (Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency) programme – and not as a media report put it that the government was taking over the municipality and would run it.

MISA’s aim is to fast-track service delivery and enhance capacity in municipalities. MISA was established late last year.

National and provincial government have several projects which are run in conjunction with municipalities and MISA is one of them.  Kouga area is visited by delegations from national and provincial government quite often.

In this instance, the MISA delegation visited Kouga to see if the delegation could help Kouga municipality address infrastructure backlogs.

Speaking at the launch of MISA last year at a conference on accelerating infrastructure delivery and capacity enhancement for municipalities, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Richard Baloyi, urged the public and private sectors to plan a way forward for the practical delivery of services to communities.