Kouga Sports Council meeting in St Francis Bay

All Kouga sports’ lovers and those heading up any kind of sporting organisation or holding any type of sporting activities in Kouga are urged to attend.

The Kouga Sports Council (KSC) interim committee is holding a briefing session in the St Francis Bay Village Hall this Saturday, 21 January 2012, from 10 am.

When the KSC is formed requests for things like sports funding, coaching and facilities and allocations of these will be channelled through the KSC only.

This is so government and any sponsors can deal with only one official, trusted sports organisation. The KSC has already been given a mandate by the Department of Sports,  Recreation, Arts and Culture in this regard.

At this meeting the objectives of the KSC will be explained, and 2 St Francis area delegates and 2 Oyster Bay area delegates  to the KSC will be elected.

All interested sports men and women from St Francis, Port St Francis, Cape St Francis and Oyster Bay are invited to attend.

Further details are contained below:

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