Letter to The Editor: Thanks to man who found our Border Collie at New Year


Could you please pass a huge thank you to the gentleman that found our border collie, Casey, at St Francis on New Years Day.

She went missing from Kromme River, about 3 kilometres from the bridge on the left side of the river. She disappeared around midnight, with the huge crackers and fire works

She is very sensitive and hates alot of noise. We combed the whole area around Kromme and the river, but no Casey.. We took a drive into St Francis Bay, driving around but never thought she would go that far.

We later went to the Viking bakery and asked the owner about our dog. He said that a gentleman had picked up a border collie….. He gave us directions to his home and just before we arrived at the house, a car stopped us and asked if we were looking for a dog…. and there she was, exhausted, sore and thirty….

Please say a huge thank you to the gentleman. I never got his name,. Am so thankful to have Casey back with us. She must have run over 10 km to where the man found her.

Her paws are sore. She has sores under the front legs where she must have gone through fences and through bushes. Many thanks once again.

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– Kayleigh Tuck (17) from Uitenhage