Warning: Cut down on electricity usage to prevent Eskom load-shedding

Kouga residents are urged to use electricity sparingly to avoid load-shedding as Eskom enters its annual summer maintenance period.

During this period, the power utility will be performing critical maintenance at its power stations, including Koeberg.

Eskom Chief Executive Officer, Brian Dames, says the company will do its best to prevent load-shedding but needs the partnership and support of all  South Africans to keep the lights on.

“We appeal to consumers to use electricity sparingly and use electrical equipment such as air-conditioning, geysers plus swimming pool pumps as efficiently as possible to reduce demand for electricity.”

Eskom suggests consumers switch pumps and geysers off during peak periods of 5 – 9 pm to reduce demand..

In addition Dames points out that hot weather conditions have had an impact on supply, impairing the efficiency of some of Eskom’s dry-cooled power stations. These conditions have also caused increased demand as customers have increased their use of air-conditioning.

“We’re keeping the lights on by implementing supply-side initiatives, the assistance from some of our key customers and active demand side management. We need the co-operation of all South Africans. We request all electricity users to reduce their electricity usage during this difficult period,” he adds.

Eskom asked Kouga Municipality to help spread the message above.

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