Kromme wind farm has been scrapped by Red Cap – St Francis Bay residents jubilant

The wind farm project close to St Francis Bay on the other side of the Kromme River will no longer be developed. A letter containing  a notice to this effect was received by St Francis Chronicle today.

See notice:

This means that the concerns and fears of the St Francis Bay community with regard to the Eastern Cluster have been allayed. Residents believed the plan to start a wind farm in St Francis would have huge, negative effects on not only their lives but those of the entire community.

They were reported to have been prepared to fight the development of the wind turbine cluster closest to them and the use of the R330 road as an access road to the first cluster to be built at Oyster Bay.

Read article on resdients’ antagonism:

Red Cap Investments was on 13 June given the go ahead by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to develop a wind farm in Kouga. Red Cap proposes a wind farm of up to 121 wind turbines near St Francis Bay, Oyster Bay and Paradise Beach that will span three areas: eastern cluster (27 turbines) near to St Francis Bay and Paradise Beach, just across the Kromme on the Humansdorp side; the central cluster (41 turbines) close to Oyster Bay; and the western cluster (53 turbines) close to the mouth of the Tsitsikamma River.

No reasons were provided by Red Cap in its advertisement or letter today of why the wind farm project across the Kromme (the eastern cluster) has been dropped.

Residents who were against he development and who were contacted this afternoon were over the moon and absolutely thrilled at the news this afternoon. “Thanks for making my day!” they echoed.

Some residents however remarked that while this was a victory, the next step would be to continue to stop developers and builders of the wind farm using the Humansdorp-St Francis Bay tarred road to access the wind farm sites at Oyster Bay that are still going ahead.

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