Quadrathlon fun in the sun and wind

The 2011 SuperSpar – Pam Golding Quadrathlon was according to organisers and particpants a fantastic fun event.

The wind raged and howled all day but it did not deter the youngsters and hordes of school children from schools in Kouga and in the St Francis surrounds from competing.

According to Richard Arderne of Pam Golding Properties, as a sponsor and participant, it was a huge success. “Jo Brown and Michelle Shaw, as organisers were professional and fun to deal with. Their enthusiasm was infectious.

“It is a very tricky event to organise, with four different legs (paddle, cycle, swim, run) and two different distances (shorter routes for the under 12s and longer for the rest) plus the under 10s duathlon,” says Richard. “Then the prize-giving is huge, with many age groups, plus teams and individuals, and within teams, girls/boys and mixed! But all this was carried out smoothly by Jo and Michelle, and their team.”

Arderne said among the  thank-yous are:  SuperSpar as co-sponsor with Pam Golding, Mike Tagg (photographer), Mel Mienie (registration), Chris Opperman (lead boat), NSRI (as always), marshalls, traffic officials, teachers from many schools, especially Rob Smith from Woodridge, and big group from Nico Malan, who even printed special team t-shirts. Also thanks to Woodridge for their lifesavers keeping an eye on the swimmers and paddlers. Also the Links especially Roland Peacock for the great route along the golf cart tracks (bit steep mind you ..). And Esti Stewart and the St Francis Sport team for online facilities and medals. Also to Daryl, Andre and Sean from the SuperSpar – “what super sponsors you are!”

Arderne says next year will be the fifth annual event, and organisers  are already talking about some improvements eg a musical show while waiting for the prize-giving, and marquee with more eats and drinks to stay open after the prize-giving.

Rosie helping her friend Emma out of the water. Photo: Tanya Loots

Next year too there will be a Pam Golding R1000 cash prize for the first local individual over 50. “I have won this title for four years. Is my money safe? ” asks Richard

All photos (except where indicated differently) by Mike Tagg
All the winners of the SS-PG 2011 Quadrathlon on the St Francis Bay canals 5 November 2011:
U12 Bo
Gold	Cornelius Coetzer	Erhard Wagener	Kenan de Vos	Marco Venter	56.10
Silver	Michael Barry	Kai Allen	Simon Schwitter	Tom Dreyer	59.12
Bronze	Marco Pretorious	Brenden Pretorious			1.03.00
U12 Girls
Gold	Nicci Stewart	Emma Becker	Rosie Loots	Mothira Mohammed	57.04
Silver	Janke Steenkamp	Casey Adendorff	Kelly Masterson	Mienke Janse Van Vuuren	1.02.00
U12 Mixed
Gold	Toby Brown	Thomas Shaw	Jarod Mienie	Ashley Taylor	1.03.00
Silver	Matthew Carelse	Elze Ciliers	Tarryn Meyr	Rickert Coetzer	1.11.00
Bronze	Lucy Brown	Monique	Cailyn Ellis	Liam Dewer	1.21.00
U14 Mixed
Gold	S Smit	R Lapersonne	R Lilford	 1.33.57
Silver	Tian van Huyssteen	Manie Due Toit	Marous du Toit  Peet Steempkamp  1.37.37
Bronze	Tyron Stewart  Geoff Brooker	 Jenna Williams  Ashley	2.01.00
U16 Boys
Gold	Seb Barratt    Dylan Lightfoot	Bruce Elliot  Daniel Chipps	1.28.55
Silver	D Edwards  K Russel  R Mosethe  1.35.22
Bronze	Jamie Loots   Reece Peacock	  Luke Bester   Oswin Browne 	1.35.47
U16 Mixed
Gold	Roeltin Louw  Regard Viljoen	Anja Franzsen  Willian Cele	1.19.39
Silver	T Diephu	M McKenzie    I Rosen  N McDonald  1.31.20
Bronze	H Mzaiuma/S Petersen   H Grieve A Cronje  C Egan  1.36.40
U18 Boys
Gold	T Leppan   K Spencer  G Whitehead   J Knight	1.22.45
Silver	A Jordaan  O Vorster  J Crewsden    J LeRoux	1.24.04
U18 Mixed
Gold	M Schulze   N Blake  S Bailey   M Smith	1.25.10
Silver	Jeanie Adendorff  Waldo van Huyssteen  Marzanne Viljoen  Ruan van Huyssteen 1.38.45
Open Men
Gold	Ricky Campbell	Morgan Campbell 	1.14.58
Silver	Phil Honey	Nathan Honey 		1.26.41
Bronze	Jacques Steenkamp	Erhard Wagener	1.29.32
Open Ladies
Gold   Liesje Steenkamp  Marthi Mastrson  Sanet du Toit  Marinda Wagener  1.29.32
Silver  Bev Chipps  Rochelle Kindness  Nerine Botha  Chelsea Stocks	1.50.05
Bronze  Candice Peltenburg  Kerry Clare  Lise Marie Goosen   1.56.12
Open Mixed
Gold	Nigel Harvey  Richard Howes	Will Lee  Chantelle Howes	1.14.22
Silver  Gerrit Pietersen  Willem Mare  Liebie Meyer  Suretha Verwey	1.20.56
Bronze  Franta Gous   Martn Diessner  Tracey Gous  Vanessa Lee	1.23.22
Individual Winners:  Gold Time Silver  Time  Bronze Time
U10 Boys 	Sine Sahke	Mateo De Beer  Jamie Linsday
U10 Girls	Molly WilsonSaskia May	Jessica Brown
U12 Boys	Hendri du Toit	56.10	Emile Wagener  58.44
U14 Boys	Mark Howes	1.32.22  Jamie Loots  1.35.52
U16 Boys	Andrew Fox	1.47.43
U18 Boys	Grant Fox	1.33.40  Kean Hansen  1.39.39  Rudi Botha	1.55.52
Open Male	Bruce Campbell  1.09.00	 Roland Peacock  1.19.28	Grant Marais  1.35.21
Open Female	Lindi Le Roux 1.37.17

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