Team South Africa comes third in World Masters surfing event

The US won the Eduardo Arena ISA World Team Trophy at the the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship in El Salvador. Team South Africa was placed third behind Brazil and won bronze and five of its surfers were in the top placings of the five divisions in the finals yesterday.

Proudly cheering yesterday was Team South Africa that was placed 3rd in the ISA World Masters surfing event in El Salvador.

South African surfers Chris Knutsen and Heather Clark came second in their respective divisions of Grand Kahunas and and Women’s Masters respectively and took home silver medals. David Malherbe (Kahunas) and Gary Van Wieringen (Masters) won bronze with their respective 3rd placings while Andre Malherbe (Grand Masters) took the copper in 4th place.

Team US also won the Kahunas Gold and Silver Medals won by Tom Curren and Jim Hogan, plus Grand Kahunas and Women Masters Copper Medals won by Allen Sarlo and Alissa Cairns respectively.

The final day had 3-to-4 feet waves under clear skies and the beach was packed with local and international fans.

Final Results – Team Medalists
Gold: USA
Silver: Brazil
Bronze: South Africa
Copper: Puerto Rico   

Final results – Women Masters
Gold: Layne Beachley (AUS)
Silver: Heather Clark (RSA)
Bronze: Andrea Lopes (BRA)
Copper: Alissa Cairns (USA)

South African surfer, Heather Clark, came 2nd in the Women's Masters.

Seven-Time ASP World Champion, Layne Beachley, added an eighth World Title to her trophy cabinet. In the final, Beachley was solid, posting 13.10 (6.50+6.60) to beat Heather Clark (RSA, second), Andrea Lopes (BRA, third) and Alissa Cairns (USA, fourth).

Final results – Grand Kahunas
Gold: Craig Schieber (CRI)
Silver: Chris Knutsen (RSA)
Bronze: Nick Pearson (AUS)
Copper: Allen Sarlo (USA)

South African surfer, Chris Knutsen, came 2nd in the Grand Kahunas

Final Results – Kahunas
Gold: Tom Curren (USA)
Silver: Jim Hogan (USA)
Bronze: David Malherbe (RSA)
Copper: David Husadel (BRA)

South African surfer, David Malherbem came 3rd in the Kahunas.

Final results – Grand Masters
Gold: Juan Ahston (PUR)
Silver: Jojo de Olivença (BRA)
Bronze: Fabio Gouveia (BRA)
Copper: Andre Malherbe (RSA)

Australian MarkRichardson crowned the ISA Masters World Champion. A former ISA Medalist and Australian Professional Champion,Richardson started strong by posting an 8.17 and ended the same way with a 7.17, making a total of 15.34, the highest combined score of the day.

Final Results – Masters
Gold: Mark Richardson (AUS)
Silver: Carlos Cabrero (PUR)
Bronze: Gary Van Wieringen (RSA) 
Copper: Ross Williams (HAW)

South African surfer ,Gary van Wieringen, came 3rd in the Masters

Closing Ceremony
A colorful closing ceremony took place at the podium stage immediately after the last final ended. 

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