And the storm waters came down.. and the bridge still held


By Bev Mortimer, St Francis Chronicle

The heavy rains experienced overnight in the Eastern Cape on 13 August have not affected the second temporary Sand River bridge much. 

Apart from the higher and swifter water levels visible this morning and the fact that some sandbags have washed away, the conditions remain almost the same as yesterday and shows the bridge is holding well. This is despite the vast amounts of water that normally flow down a day later after collecting at the wetlands area on the Eastern side of the Dunes’ farm. 

The water builds up in the sand dunes in this vast wetland area, then flows down across the St Francis Links, through its catchment area, reaching the Sand River at least a day later, then flows on to the Kromme River. 

The photos on the left were taken just after 8 pm on 14 August 2011. The photos on the right were taken at 7 am on 15 August.


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