Photo highlights of the St Francis Bay canal winter canoe race

Once again, the St Francis canals proved to be a great venue for the Pam Golding St Francis Bay Canal Winter Challenge on 6 August. 

Pam Golding Properties, St Francis Bay, has sponsored these local canoe races for six years.

Here are a few photo highlights of last week’s race:

1 Roeltin Louw     00:20:02.00  3km U(16)
2 Jason Carroll     00:28:26.00  3km U(16)
1 Michael Birch     00:21:49.00 3km U(12)
2 Nicol Stewart     00:26:26.00 3km U(12)
1 Glenn Barclay     01:17:39.00 13km-Single Men
2 Gavin Birch     01:25:17.00 13km-Single Men
3 Brian Wells     01:27:14.00 13km-Single Men
1 Dean Barclay Bruce Green 01:05:56.00 13km-Double Men
2 Byron Andrews Darryl Staples 01:10:47.00 13km-Double Men
3 Richard Arderne Eric Stewart 01:11:53.00 13km-Double Men
4 Keith Theron Dylan Theron 01:20:09.00 13km-Double Men
1 Stuart Laing     01:42:44.00 20km-Single Men
2 Steve Honey     02:03:09.00 20km-Single Men
3 Mike Stark     02:22:37.00 20km-Single Men
4 Francois Greyling     02:23:36.00 20km-Single Men
1 Jordan Zeelie Calvin Zeelie 01:36:02.00 20km-Double Men
2 Richard Van Wildemann Hadyn Skinner 01:36:14.00 20km-Double Men
3 Peter King Stephan Vorster 01:44:48.00 20km-Double Men
4 Luke Mcnish Dirk Ellis 01:53:17.00 20km-Double Men
5 Gavin Mcnish Allan Campbell 01:53:25.00 20km-Double Men
1 Kerry Louw Kirstin Wessels 01:45:42.00 20km-Double Ladies
1 Andre Van Rooyen Henry Goedhals 01:59:16.00 20km-Double Over 50
1 Christi Augustyn Karine Bezuidenhout 01:45:49.00 20km-Double Mixed
2 Ernst Linder Janine Linder 01:48:41.00 20km-Double Mixed
3 Barry Masters Kay Van Ooslen 01:53:15.00 20km-Double Mixed
4 Lindi Le Roux Kemble Whitfield 01:59:15.00 20km-Double Mixed

 Young brothers Calvin and Jordan Zeelie from PE, were the first across the line, in an excellent time of 01:36:02.00 (ie 1hr 36 min).

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