All water restrictions lifted in Kouga

All water restrictions in the Kouga municipal area were lifted from 1 August 2011.

This follows the announcement by the Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality that it was lifting its punitive water restrictions from August.

 Kouga Executive Mayor Booi Koerat said  the Metro’s punitive tariffs had been also been applicable to Kouga for the bulk purchase of water for domestic use.

 “Kouga obtains the bulk of its water for domestic use from the Kouga Dam for the Gamtoos area and from the Churchill and Mpofu Dams for the coastal towns. These dams are managed by the Metro, which means Kouga has to purchase water from the Metro,” he explained. 

The lifting of water restrictions further means water will be charged at “normal” tariffs from August. 

The Mayor explained that while the Metro had only eased its restrictions, Kouga had lifted its completely, effective from August 1.

 “This means that Kouga residents can, for example, use hosepipes any time of the day.”

 Koerat did, however, ask residents not to view the lifting of water restrictions as a “green light” to waste water.

 “Water remains a precious resource and our area is prone to periods of drought. Please continue to use water wisely,” he said.

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