Storm water about to flow over Sand River bridge

The Sand River bridge at 7.15 am with water from the left threatening to flow over the top of the bridge.

Photo, above: The wall of the Sand River bridge taken at 4.15 pm yesterday.

The temporary gravel bridge over the Sand River could be closed for maintenance as early this morning it was looking very unsafe. And St Francis could be temporarily marooned again.

At 7.15 am this morning storm water flowing from the St Francis Links side has filled up like a dam and its level has risen during the night. The level of water of this dam is threatening to flow over the top of the bridge.

A technical engineer at the bridge said it appeared the water was not flowing fast enough  through the outlet pipes  that flow under the new temporary bridge. He believed the pipes could be sand logged.

At any rate as these photos  and the one one taken at 4.15 pm  yesterday,  show how storm water has risen at least two metres during the night and the road has now apparently become unsafe.  However,  also as these photos show motorists were  still crossing the bridge.

The technical engineer said that the road would in all likelihood be closed for maintenance this morning. It’s understood that the Roads Department is aware of the problem and is taking precautionary and safety measures.

People planning to leave St Francis today or  visit this area today are advised to put their plans on hold until there is official feedback of the state of the bridge.

Another angle of the bridge at 7.15 am


The 'dam' that has formed on the Links side of the Sand River bridge at 7.15 am this morning.

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