It’s Spring tide: bathers, anglers and boaters at risk

The NSRI has issued a warning to bathers, anglers and those on boats to take extreme care and safety precautions owing to the current Spring tide, higher swells and rip currents. 
While bathers are at risk from rip currents, anglers are in danger of being swept off rocks through the higher waves.   Also boats launching to go to sea or boats returning from sea are at the greatest risk of capsizing.
The NSRI urges those on vacation, plus adults to be acutely aware of the more dangerous sea conditions and  to adhere to the following safety tips: 
*  Anglers fishing from rocks along the coastline should wear life-jackets and never turn their back to the sea;
*  Anyone on a boat or paddle craft should wear their life-jackets at all times while their vessel or craft is underway;
* Always let a responsible person know your departure time, your exact route and your return time. Stick to your exact route and check in with the responsible person on your safe return;
* People living along the coast and people visiting the coast on vacation should find out what their nearest sea rescue emergency phone number is by visiting or calling (021) 4344011 during office hours.
*  Children should at all times have responsible adult supervision around water – inland waters, coastal waters, seas, swimming pools, lagoons, lakes, dams, rivers, reservoirs, canals and puddles.
NSRI volunteers are on duty 24 hours a day every day of the year.
The NSRI numbers for the St Francis Bay station 21 is: 042 294 0131; 082 990 5969
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