Two cat sharks left to die on the beach

Samantha Bester with one of the catsharks found on the beach this morning.

 Photo: Joan Brady

Irresponsible fissherman who caught two catsharks this morning at Cape St Francis’ main beach left them to die on the main beach… and these shark are said to be completley harmless.

Several reports about the catsharksh led  Joan Brady of the Cape St Francis Civics Association,  to investigate, camera in tow. By the time she arrived at the beach there was only one catshark. The other had been set free in the ocean.

“Samantha Bester was trying to revive the one catshark by flushing it’s gills…unfortunately to no avail,” says Joan.

She adds that Samantha is doing her thesis on sharks.

Catshark abandoned on Cape St Francis beach. Photo Brigitte Elton

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