Impatient motorists try to drive vehicles on footbridge

Impatient and iritable motorists are attempting to drive their vehicles over the footbridge that was created last night over the Sand River to help workers get to to and from work – instead of having them wading through the icy waters.  According to people who helped construct it, the footbridge is very precarious and cannot take the weight of vehicles.

“We’re having some problems with unruly motorists trying to take their vehicles over the walkway that’s been constructed over the collapsed road at St Francis,” the municipality says.. “The walkway is for pedestrians only. It’s not strong enough to handle the weight of a vehicle. The bypass for vehicles should be completed by 1pm tomorrow (Saturday).”

In other related news, to enable ambulances to reach injured or ill patients, an ambulance was helped by engineers over the Sand River yesterday evening, so there is one stationed on the St Francis side of the bridge for emergencies. Now the ambulance can take patients to the foot bridge,  then carry them over to the waiting abulances on the other side.

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