Foot crossing now built across the Sand River


There is now a foot crossing acros the Sand River, built by volunteers and under the supervision of the disaster management team last night.

Early this morning (7 am) as the these photos, show, workers were walking across the new foot bridge. From yesterday evening more than 400 people waded through the icy water of the river to get to the other side. They held on to a rope and were aided by officials and volunteers under spotlights. brisan on the canals also ferried people acros in ther flat boat.

The Roads Department will be involved today to evaluate the situation after the Sand River broke yesterday following storm water  flows. It is planned to have at least one vehicle lane across the Sand River built today… this was unfortunately not possible to create  last night.

In the interim delivery trucks of food supplies have to stop on the Humansdorp side of the river and the boxes and crates of supplies will have to be carried across the foot crossing.

Shops in St Francis Bay envisage shortage of supplies already. The petrol station is only supplying R50 per vehicle (enough to get to Humansdorp when one vehicle lane bridge is built). SuperSpar is also going to only limit the number of supplies per person for certain goods.

(Will keep you updated throughout the day… and please inbox. telephone with any news)

Residents have asked me to add their thanks to the disaster management team, to the NSRI, to the fire department, to St Francis Brick, to all the municipal officials and to the many volunteers who assisted yesterday and to those who are also on hand today..

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