Stormwater damage to Main beach dune wall

Inadequate storm water drainage at St Francis Bay’s main beach caused flood waters  from the recent rains to gauge a huge donga as the waters flowed across the car park to the cliff end of the car park…
 Consequently a huge section of the car park has now disintegrated. Tape and drums have been placed in front of the huge donga so people cannot fall.
In spite of the fact that elderly holiday makers cannot now get down to the main beach the municipality says there is “no quick fix” as it has to wait for the Department of Environmental Affairs to deals with the problem under the Integrated Coastal Management Act of 2008.
With the town receiving many visitors during the current July school holidays, St Francis Chronicle has already received complaints about the eyesore and the  impossibility of some people being able to walk down the normal way to the beach.”
It’s a disgrace.. it’s bad enough to have potholes everywhere but the beach is a tourist attraction and now elderly people cannot get down to beach,“ a disgruntled visitor remarked.
”We first need to get the necessary approvals from the Department of Environmental Affair.” a spokes person for the municipality said. “Our beach manager Gcobisa Dadamasi, will lead this process. Our aim is to engage with Environmental Affairs by the first week in July.”

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