Flooding in St Francis Bay

The torrential downpours over has caused flooding over all of the Eastern Cape and in St Francis Bay. 

The St Francis Links crew have been battling to fight back water gushing in from the sand river and overflowing to the surrounding banks. Cart paths have been submerged and fairways are full of puddles, even small dams. 

But Links staff aren’t the only ones wading through water. The St Francis Bay Golf course has been collecting water too. The coursedam overflowed onto St Francis Drive flooding it and a couple of driveways alongside . Golf has been cancelled on both courses  or the next few days.

Large natural dams that have been building up with water further up the sand river pose a threat to St Francis Bay. Should they breach, it could cause flash flooding. The Churchill pipeline supplying water to St Francis Bay has been damaged where it crosses the Sand River so will need repairing.


Photos and overview by Amy Carmichael

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