St Francis Bay shooting: arrested guy released owing to lack of evidence

The 20 year-old suspect arrested last week on a charge of house robbery for the alleged part he played  in the breaking  in and entering to a St Francis Bay house was later released owing to a lack of evidence. 

Police said two men broke into the house and the owner, a 72-year old woman from St Francis Bay, shot dead the one suspect in her house after he and his accomplice had assualted her.  One of the suspects took her vehicle and went to the bank to draw money while the other stayed behind. The woman, who managed to untie herself, took her .38 special firearm and fired a shot when the suspect in her house tried to attack her. He died on the scene.

When the other suspect came back from the bank and saw what had happened he ran away. Police say he never drew any money. It’s believed he had the wrong pin code.

Police said they are now still looking for the other suspect at large.

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