Booi Koerat sworn in as Kouga’s mayor

A proud Luwaygon Koerat (4) congratulates his grandfather, Booi Koerat, with his election as Executive Mayor of the Kouga Municipality - Photo:Laura L. Randall

Booi Koerat was sworn in as Kouga’s new mayor at an inauguration ceremony at the Humansdorp Country Club in front of a large crowd of ululating ANC supporters, fellow councillors and members of the public..
In his mayoral address Koerat said that he will initiate steps to strictly oversee financial management of the KM. Plus he will see to it that the programmes for the 2014 clean audit are in place and closely monitored. He would also focus on other important criteria, including disaster management.

Highlights of his address included the following:

“Kouga must find solutions to enable the proactive absorption of the poor.

“It must ensure a balanced and shared growth.

‘It must facilitate social availability and equality

“It must accelerate its transformation in the economy and spatial planning.

“In the next few weeks the incoming mayoral committee of six (Mayor Booi Koerat, Clr JP Oliphant, Clr P Kota, Clr VA Camealio-Benjamin, Clr A Maseti, Clr VS Stuurman) will undertake a process of translating our manifesto commitments into concrete plans of action..

“We as the ANC acknowledge we could have done more, we could have worked smarter and better and that we promise to do in this term..

“We still have a backlog of 10 000 houses for the poor; unemployment is high; Kouga is challenged by TB and HIV/Aids.

“We will continue with the process to  to refurbish and replace our infrastructure network and ensure that all residents have access to quality water, reliable electricity and decent sanitation and we will address the quality of our roads.

“We will double our efforts to to improve the quality of interaction with our residents and clients.

“Our primary aim will be fixed on  human development and improving the quality fo life of our people across all regions and all communities..

“We will continue to pay special attention to the programmes that will alleviate endemic poverty, address issues related to child-headed households and people affected by HIV/AIDs..

“Kouga is ready for an exciting new chapter in its history.. 

“I have every intention to serve the people of Kouga guided by the vision of the ANC to create a non racial, non sexist, democratic and prosperous Africa, free of the ills of the injustices of the past…”