PE Dams at 36 % – people in PE and Kouga urged to save water

Residents and businesses in Kouga that get their water from Port Elizabeth dams have been asked to use water sparingly following an announcement today that dams that supply water to the Nelson Mandela… Continue reading

St Francis Bay surfers ride China’s Silver Dragon river wave

By Bev Mortimer Photo of Silver Dragon wave,  with Dale on jetski and Billy on the wave For the second year in a row St Francis bay surfers Dale Staples , aka Ducky,… Continue reading

NSRI St Francis Bay in two patient evacuations from chokka boats

On Sunday evening, 25 August, NSRI St Francis Bay evacuated two ill patients from two different chokka boats at sea, shortly after each other. Sara Smith, NSRI St Francis Bay station commander, said… Continue reading

St Francis Bay Fires – SAPS seeks 2 men calming bees with smoke

The SAPS seeks information from anyone who knows more about two men, who allegedly started the disastrous fire yesterday by using smoke to calm bees at a beehive in  St Francis Bay yesterday.… Continue reading

About 12 thatch houses burnt in St Francis Bay

Article By Bev Mortimer In a fire that suddenly spun out of control about a dozen thatched houses in Lyme Road North and Peter Crescent in St Francis Bay it is estimated that… Continue reading

Strikers stop protesting in Hankey, arrested people released on bail

After almost three full days of strike action, violence and clashes between police and protesters in Hankey in the Eastern Cape ,  strikers dispersed on the third day of strike action, today, 21… Continue reading

Violence, teargas, rubber bullets, stun grenades, 10 more arrests in Hankey

In a second day of protest action, unrest and violence in Hankey in the Eastern Cape citrus farming area yesterday, 20 August, the SAPS used tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades to… Continue reading

Man arrested in connection with death of St Francis boat builder

Post mortem results of Duncan’s death The SAPS have just confirmed to St Francis Chronicle that 76 year-old St Francis Bay resident and boat builder, Duncan Lethbridge, died as a result of suffocation,… Continue reading

Seven arrested for violent protests in Hankey

(Edited by Bev Mortimer) Seven people were arrested for violent protest action in Hankey today, 19 August, after they blocked off the R331 road between Hankey and Patensie with burning tyres, cement blocks… Continue reading

St Francis Bay couple attacked, husband dies

(SAPS release, edited by Bev Mortimer) An elderly couple in St Francis Bay’s Santareme suburb was attacked by two armed men at about 5 pm this evening and the husband died following the… Continue reading