Monthly Archive: November, 2019

NSRI St Francis Bay evacuates local ill crewman from ship offshore

Article by Bev Mortimer NSRI St Francis, Station 21, evacuated a 29 year-old ill crewman on a trawler, 14 nautical miles off-shore of St Francis Bay, on Wednesday this week, in an almost… Continue reading

Murder probe after man found dead in JBay house

A 79-year-old man was found dead and tied to a chair inside his locked Wavecrest house in Jeffreys Bay last night, 13 November. The SAPS says it is investigating a case of murder… Continue reading

Eskom started load shedding at 10 pm tonight to 5 am tomorrow morning!!

Eskom implemented stage 2 load- shedding this evening from 22:00 until 05:00 Thursday, 7 November 2019: Eskom will implement stage 2 rotational load-shedding this evening from 10 am tomorrow morning. Last week and… Continue reading

Planet Mercury to transit sun on 11 November

  For the first time since 9 May 2016, South Africans will be able to watch Mercury transit the Sun on 11 November at 2.35 pm (14:35 Central Africa Time (CAT). People with… Continue reading