Daily Archive: October 18, 2015

Breaking… Two men missing from capsized catamaran found alive

Two crewmen missing from the capsized catamaran earlier today off the Wild Coast were found alive, safe and uninjured, adrift at sea in a life-raft, about 51 nautical miles off-shore of Kidd’s Beach,… Continue reading

Unconscious epileptic fisherman evacuated by NSRI St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay volunteer duty crew evacuated a chokka fisherman suffering seizures on a boat offshore of Oyster Bay on Friday last week, 16 October. Paul Hurley, NSRI St Francis Bay station commander,… Continue reading

Catamaran capsizes on Wild Coast, 2 crew missing

A capsized catamaran was found floating about 50 nautical miles North East of East London, today, 18 October, (40 nautical miles off-shore of Cape Morgan) and its two crew members are missing. The… Continue reading