Daily Archive: November 25, 2014

Truce with parliamentary opposition parties is off

The agreement between Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and opposition parties represented in Parliament has been called off. This was revealed yesterday, 24 November,  after Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa met with opposition leaders at… Continue reading

Increased risk for load-shedding later this week – Eskom

The risk for load-shedding will increase later this week Eskom warned today, 24 November 2014. The risk increases as water and diesel reserves decline. “Mild and cloudy weather is forecasted from Wednesday onwards,… Continue reading

Repairs to storm damage at St Francis Bay’s beaches

Stormy weather has caused damage to the St Francis Bay beaches, rock revetments  and access stairs or boardwalks. The St Francis Bay Residents Association (SFBRA)  has taken action to repair some of these… Continue reading