Daily Archive: December 30, 2012

NSRI St Francis assists with boating accident, missing man in JBay

 Yesterday (29 December 2012) NSRI  St Francis Bay Station 21 volunteers were called out for a 30 year-old visitor to St Francis, who apparently had dived off a boat into a sandbank.   Station… Continue reading

Surfer breaks his neck at Seal Point

A 42 year-old surfer from Johannesburg was dumped by a huge wave at Seal Point two days ago and broke his neck. The injured man, who was on holiday with his family in St Francis, was… Continue reading

News Flash!! News Flash!! Man dies on boat on Kromme River

A white man in his 30s died on a boat near the Kromme Bridge at about 8.40 pm last night, 29 December 2012 Earlier reports to the police by bystanders that the man… Continue reading