Daily Archive: December 25, 2012

NSRI St Francis fights fires, assists cops arrest man with knife

Christmas lunches and festivities were forgotten today (25 December 2012) by dedicated, caring  NSRI crewmen countrywide. They rallied to help in crisis situations in St Francis Bay and elsewhere in the country  STATION… Continue reading

Shark attacks man at Port St Johns – body missing

A man was attacked by a shark early this afternoon at Port St Johns. A shark fin was spotted at Second Beach, Port St Johns early this afternoon. His body has not been retrieved… Continue reading

Community heroes of the Christmas Day fire – video

Today members of the St Francis Bay community rallied to help St Francis fire fighters and disaster management team members to put out the fire . In addition to the latter they proved themselves to… Continue reading

Stop Press!! Another canal house gutted in fierce fire and wind on Christmas Day

House burning.  Photo Sharon Welman Another fire started around midday today at a thatched roof house in Canal Road on St Francis Bay’s canals (25 December 2012)  The fire at no 5 Canal Road… Continue reading