Monthly Archive: November, 2012

‘St Francis Rocks’ campaign launched today

A St Francis Rocks campaign has been officially launched today.  Its aim is to raise funds for the Friends of St Francis Fire and Rescue charity.  The charity will benefit the Fire Service, the NSRI… Continue reading

Announcement: Owners of damaged property on the canals

Owners of homes that were badly damaged or totally destroyed in the fire have to, through their insurers, have their property inspected by a credited structural engineer who will provide them with a… Continue reading

News Flash!! News Flash!! Rubber duck set alight at Shark Point

 A rubber duck that washed ashore yesterday afternoon at Shark Point was set alight today at around noon. Owing to the danger of flames spreading the local fire volunteers are trying to extinguish… Continue reading

Thank you to the helpers during the fire

Letter to The Editor, St Francis Chronicle:  Thank God our house was spared! I would like to pay tribute to all the many that stood together and helped. What a spirit!  Thanks to… Continue reading

Eat gourmet burgers and rock to music by Johan for charity

A charity fundraiser for all rescue operations in St Francis will be held at the St Francis Bay Golf Club from 7 pm  this Friday, 16 November 2012. On the menu are Gourmet Burgers!!… Continue reading

Indian cricket attack puts news coverage in jeopardy

The Indian cricket attack on photo news will hit fans and sponsors. This according to the international news media industry today (Tuesday, November 13 2012) that has deplored the decision of the Indian… Continue reading

Don’t miss Digby and the Lullaby on 17 November

Don’t forget Digby and The Lullaby on 17 November !! This popular duo are coming back to the Eastern Cape to perform two shows for their home town audience. “We are doing one… Continue reading

Object to proposed liquor laws by tomorrow

Owners of restaurants  pubs and outlets where liquor is sold, are reminded to get their objections to the proposed new liquor laws to the Kouga Municipality by tomorrow. Failure to object could see the… Continue reading

Mutual and Federal’s St Francis Bay claims are R20-m so far

Mutual & Federal, a member of the Old Mutual Group, yesterday, (13 November 2012) announced that it has so far registered claims worth approximately R20 million –  arising from the St Francis Bay… Continue reading

Thank you to readers for all your comments

St Francis Chronicle has been completely overwhelmed by scores and scores of comments received  offering sympathy, prayers, donations and help for victims of the devastating fire on Sunday 11 November. The site experience  increased number of visitors –… Continue reading