Daily Archive: November 11, 2012

Canals on fire – update continuous

A Report as news filters in from the canals about the state of the fire… continuous tonight… 3.30 am an exhausted Marc May, one of the fire fighters, says: “The fire is being… Continue reading

Canals are burning!!

“Houses are burning all the way to the sea on the canals,” a fireman told St Francis Chronicle this evening. The fire apparently started at Royal Wharf late afternoon where some people were having a… Continue reading

Read the latest print edition online

The November 2012 edition of St Francis Chronicle is now online! The pages can be viewed at: http://www.safricavoyage.com/stfrancischronicle.html

French yacht struck by whale towed into Richards Bay

The French yacht Tiki,  with three frenchmen on board was towed into Richard’s bay harbour yesterdy by  NSRI Richard’s Bay yesterday. The yacht is  understood to be  accompanying the ARC ‘around the world… Continue reading

Johnny Clegg talks about the years of ‘le zoulou blanc’

Johnny Clegg, who gave a fantastic concert in Port Elizabeth at the beginning of this month, devoted some time out of his busy schedule to meet the media. He spoke to Bev Mortimer… Continue reading

Supposed correct images of proposed Thyspunt transmission lines on Oyster Bay Road

Hitlton Thorpe of St Francis Bay Residents’ Association has requested these  photos of transmission lines planned for Thyspunt be published . These photos are supplied in the current Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report. Thorpe has… Continue reading