Daily Archive: October 21, 2012

NSRI is the only hope to ferry people across the river

St Francis Bay volunteer NSRI rescue team were hard at work all day ferrying people up the Kromme River to the Kromme Bridge following the collapse of the Sand River Bridge at 2 am this… Continue reading

St Francis Bay – town of lakes, dams, ponds, streams and waterfalls,

St Francis Bay has become a town of lakes, dams, ponds, streams and waterfalls in addition to the two rivers. These photos were taken by St Francis Chronicle out and about in St Francis on… Continue reading

Current situation of Kouga’s roads and bridges

The following provincial roads/main routes are closed: * Humansdorp to Hankey. Weston bridge still flooded and the water flow seems to be increasing at this stage, not decreasing. * Loerie Road: Between the Gamtoos… Continue reading

NSRI ferries people to Kromme Bridge

NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer duty crew today are ferrying people to and from the Cove on St Francis Bay’s canals to under the Kromme Bridge. From there passengers can walk up the… Continue reading

The Sand River Canyon develops as bridge washes away for 3rd time – photo gallery, video

Photos and article by Bev Mortimer, St Francis Chronicle: The Sand River Bridge washed completely away soon after 2.30 am this morning, resulting ‘in the great divide’ between those living on the other… Continue reading