Daily Archive: September 16, 2012

More startling photos of the river raging in Santareme yesterday

Here are some amazing but shocking shots of the huge river of water and debris flows that rampaged through Santareme yesterday morning (15 September 2012) early causing mayhem and havoc in its wake.… Continue reading

NSRI urges boaters to carry safety equipment

The NSRI urges  all small boat fishermen to carry safety equipment following the lucky escape of  three young men out fishing in a tiny boat off Pringle Bay yesterday. The  motor fell off… Continue reading

Lettie is the best boerewors maker in the EC!!

St Francis Bay’s own ‘Boerewors Queen’ , Lettie Rachman, has been officially announced as the Provincial Winner of the Shoprite Checkers Boerewors competition. This makes Lettie of The Butcher Shop in St Francis… Continue reading

St Francis Bay flood damage – letter of thanks for help

The St Francis Bay spirit of loving care and help was truly magnificent yet again yesterday (15 September 2012)  A shocked Paddy Oosthuizen, whose house was one of the one’s badly damaged in… Continue reading

James’ 1 Year-old birthday party at the Links

Happy Birthday James Robert Menhennet! He is seen here with proud mom, Kate, at his first birthday party.  Photo: St Francis Chronicle (See more photos taken by St Francis Chronicle, below)…   Friends… Continue reading