Daily Archive: July 20, 2012

Hankey water situation update

The Gamtoos Irrigation Board is busy fixing the canal system that supplies water to Hankey. The repairs are expected to be completed late on Monday. Until then, the municipality will be pumping water… Continue reading

St Francis cops in R10 000 drug bust today

St Francis Bay policemen, acting on a tip off received this morning, arrested a man with Mandrax tablets hidden in his underpants and carrying a shopping bag  containing  several marijuana envelopes. The total… Continue reading

Urgent!! Hankey residents told not to drink tap water

Residents from Hankey are warned not to drink water from their taps. There’s been a breakdown in the canal system that supplies water to the town, according to a press release from the Kouga… Continue reading

Urgent!! A turtle needs a lift to Bayworld in PE today

A lift is urgently needed  from St Francis to Bayworld in PE for thos little Loggerhead turtle . Turtles baby turtles are washing up on St Francis beaches. This is the 3rd turtle… Continue reading