Daily Archive: August 4, 2011

Hunting dogs nearly take out bushbuck

An alert guard saved the life of a bushbuck yesterday after two hunting dogs attacked it. The dogs hunting on the road to Rebelsrus would have killed  the bushbuck ram if the guard had not chased them… Continue reading

How St Francis potholes can be brought under control

Today three people demonstrated to the St Francis Bay community how the plague of potholes can be brought under control using a bitumen water-based solution. Recognised by SANRAL and municipalities countrywide, the product… Continue reading

St Francis Chronicle print edition is now out

Stop Press!! Stop Press!! St Francis Chronicle, your free monthly community newspaper (August 2011 print edition) for St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis and environs  is now out and available at various shops in… Continue reading

We fix our own potholes!

The St Francis pothole repair project plans to raise money to fix as many of the potholes in St Francis streets as possible before the December holidays. “Right now our roads are not… Continue reading