Daily Archive: July 6, 2011

‘Dammed’ if they do, ‘dammed’ if they don’t

Lovely rains in the Eastern Cape and the rising of the dam levels has set consumers’ hopes soaring that water restrictions will ultimately be lifted and the high water tariffs decreased. But it… Continue reading

Flooding in St Francis Bay

The torrential downpours over has caused flooding over all of the Eastern Cape and in St Francis Bay.  The St Francis Links crew have been battling to fight back water gushing in from… Continue reading

Billabong Pro J-Bay next week

   Nex week the World’s Top 34 surfers take to the legendary waves of Supertubes in the Billabong Pro J-Bay, stop No. 4 of 11 on the 2011 ASP Dream Tour. They will also… Continue reading

Eco Walk Fun for the whole family

St Francis Conservancy and Fourcade Botanical Society Eco Walk Fun for the whole family Come and see Winter’s beauty on a guided morning tour in the Sand Rever Dune Field. Date: Thursday, 14th… Continue reading